How to get approval

Couple celebrating the approval of their low doc loanLooking to purchase a home, investment property, construction project or refinance? Don’t have the documentation to prove your income? No worries! You can still get approval from a variety of major and non-conforming lenders.

What do the lenders want?

Most lenders have similar criteria and guidelines, however to ensure approval you should ideally be self-employed and have a registered ABN for a minimum of two years.

The banks look closely at your assets and declared income to make sure that it all makes sense!

It is preferable that you have a deposit personally saved, as some lenders will not accept deposits that are gratuitous or that have been acquired through other means.

This is of primary importance if you are a first home buyer. Banks like to see that you are capable of saving and as this is often a reflection of your financial responsibility.

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