Interest rates and fees

What sort of rates apply?

Get the best fees and rates around!Applying for a low doc home loan? We can help you get the lowest and most competitive rates!

Whilst the rates often vary depending on what type of low doc loan you are applying for and the amount you are borrowing, in most cases you will not have to pay any higher rate than you would if you could prove your income!

In some cases, we can even get you a lower rate with a low doc loan as some of our lenders have special offers.

What sort of fees apply?

The main additional cost of a low doc loan is the Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). If you’re loan is for less than 60% LVR than you will pay no LMI. However, if you are borrowing 60% -80% LVR, than LMI will be payable. This is a once off fee and can be up to 1% of the loan amount.

To get the most competitive rates and features contact us and speak to a mortgage broker. We will ensure that you get a loan package that suit your needs!