What is a low doc loan?

Are you one of the many people in Australia that does not fit the strict lending criteria to qualify for a home loan? Luckily there is another option! Low documentation home loans (low doc) are available from a variety of non-conforming lenders who have different income verification requirements.

This means that limited or alternative evidence of income is all that is necessary to obtain a loan! There is no need to provide financial statements or documentation from the Australian Tax Office (ATO), making it easier than ever to finance your dream home.

Who can apply?


Low doc loans are designed for the self-employed. Those who work for themselves sometimes have difficulty getting a traditional loan. This is mainly attributed to the unknown future status of their finances and income. Consequently, banks are reluctant to lend due to the higher risk involved.

Additionally, whilst many self-employed people have high salaries and are truly capable of affording the debt, their tax return does not reflect their true income as many businesses receive cash for services. There is usually a lot of paper work involved in trying to verify income and this can make the loan application process increasingly complicated!

Luckily low doc loans are available! This loan helps to simplify the application process, requiring the provision of minimal documentation. To find out what requirements you have to meet, visit our Income Verification page for more information. Applying for a loan has never been easier!

PAYG (or employed) borrowers

Those that are paid cash in hand or work on a casual or commission basis may find it difficult to prove their income to a lender. However, there is a PAYG low doc loan available! Whilst many banks do not offer this, some non-conforming lenders can accept reduced income evidence for employees, such as a letter of employment or group certificate.

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